The 2010/2011 Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club

Over the last year, I had the pure pleasure of photographing the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club. All photos are currently being used for the club’s marketing purposes, and can be found on tickets, newspaper ads, arena signage, and much more.

As a life long fan of the team, it was a real pleasure working with the club and its players.

The first shoot was a long and grueling set-up, which can be seen in this time lapse video:

Here are some production stills that help show the size and scale of this ambitious production:

All together, I ended-up shooting 50 players, in three different settings, over three separate shoot days throughout the year. Thanks to my army of assistants, retouchers, capture specialists, and producers who helped make it all run so smoothly. Here are some of my favorites from the project:

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  1. Jose Fernandez

    GREAT video. I am curious about the decision to allow pretty dark eye-brow shadows from the steep downward lighting angle. Photographer, AD or both?

  2. Hi Jose – thanks for your comments. The aesthetic decisions were ultimately the client’s (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment). They were looking for a harder, more contrast-y vibe to their photos, which reflected a new team attitude that came directly from a new team General Manager.

  3. Jose Fernandez

    Your video presents a thorough (and intimidating!) explanation of “how.” Many thanks for sharing the enormous amount of planning and work needed to create a an image that appears deceptively simple.

    I sincerely appreciate your explanation of “why”. Thank you.

  4. Awesome shoot Finn. I saw the timelapse before it was pulled but these images are awesome. Never seen that done in hockey before.

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