The Finns of Thunder Bay for Monocle


In the very heart of our most recent winter, I had the great pleasure of shooting a feature for Monocle magazine on Finnish culture in Thunder Bay, one of the most remote cities in Canada. Sitting atop the largest and most northern Great Lake, Lake Superior, Thunder Bay sits alone in a vast wilderness with one of the largest Finnish communities in the world outside of Finnland.

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Joined by writer Markus Hippi, a Finn himself (oh, and let me get this out of the way now. Yes, it was a constant source of amusement that my name is Finn, and I was doing a story on Finns…), we spent a frigid 5 days documenting and reporting on all things relating to Finnish heritage in the city.

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The issue is out now, but if you don’t have a chance to read it, Monocle did a nice job in creating a little film of our work which can be viewed here:



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  1. Janet (Wilen) Johnston

    What a cute little documentary. Pretty well covered it all in such a short time. Loved it! 🙂

  2. Jim Borwick

    Nice. Though I though it was going to be about you.

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