Rob Ford for Esquire Magazine

1061_FOH_Rob_Ford_114_01aLast month, I had the very unique opportunity to photograph the infamous Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, for Esquire magazine. His Worship, written by the talented Chris Jones, is an insightful feature that further explicates the phenomenon of political office that is Rob Ford. The full story can be read at



It was the portrait session that almost never happened. We were given a loose time frame as to when it could happen, and as the days passed, and with the media scrutinizing his every move, we felt like his staffers would just simply opt out of the portrait session. But then, after a media briefing following a major snowstorm here in Toronto, Mayor Ford made some time for a respectable portrait session (sans NFL tie, unfortunately), and was very gracious and considerate.

1061_FOH_Rob_Ford_237_02e Yes, those are some ass kicking cowboy boots on Mayor Ford. They featured Texas Longhorns, symbols of the Mayor’s favorite college team, across the boot’s front quarter. Some other curiosities from our shoot at the Mayor’s office: behind a building column in the waiting room, the Mayor has an incredible collection of political cartoons featuring himself. There must be 50 of them covering the wall in a neatly organized grid.


How do you set-up a quick portrait studio on a moment’s notice? With a reliable set of hands (Assistant Jeff Jamieson), and versatile equipment. We had no idea where we’d be allowed to shoot, but luckily the waiting room we were given had plenty of space.


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  1. Very nice set of images Finn.
    I’m wondering what the bare bulb in the above BTS frame does, if you do not mind sharing?
    Because I see no evidence of it’s fill effect in the final photos. But maybe I’m just not seeing it.

  2. Hi Ron – thanks for the kind words. I use the bare bulb as a secondary catch to my main light. I power it right down, and use enough to get just a little kick in the subject’s eyes.

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