FinnOHara_BigFinn is a director and photographer based in Toronto and holds both a Canadian & British passport.

He believes in working hard and being nice.

His strong cinematic approach to storytelling creates work that is visually striking and emotionally engaging.

Finn describes his film and photographic methods as a raw and always improving process. He finds inspiration in old books, rural travel and everyday happenings.

Forever curious, Finn is constantly exploring new ways of approaching his work with a love for happy accidents and a passion for visual storytelling, texture, type and everything in between.

His most recent work includes work for The New York Times Magazine, ESPN The Magazine, Nike, and Budweiser.


  1. Shelagh Hartford

    Hey Finn! How are you? Hopefully you remember me, I was one of the models you used for your Motel series last FREEZING January!
    Anyways I’ve been meaning to write you for a while – I was on a flight from Montreal to Toronto around Christmas and I saw your name credited for some photos! Amazing!
    Anyways I was just looking at your website, and I saw under ‘People’ you have a photo of that old french guy who looks like Santa from the Quebec sucarie – what was his name again? I remember during the shoot we talked about how I did an editorial thing and had to hold his hand for one picture.
    Anyways, I just thought I’d say hello!
    Good luck with everything,

  2. Robin O'Neill

    Hey Finn,

    I am pretty sure you are my sister Carrie O’Neill’s friend.
    Amazing how much your work has progressed in three years!

    Would be great to work with you on one of your assignment if you are ever in need of an assist.

    All the best,

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