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Seriously great food on this trip while fishing for Brook Trout on the Lady Evelyn River with @theofficialnewflyfisher and @temagamioutfittingco . . . . #temagami #fishing #

Temagami Portage along the Lady Evelyn River with @theofficialnewflyfisher and @temagamioutfittingco . . . . #temagami #fishing #nature

First signs of Fall while paddling the Lady Evelyn River in Temagami with @theofficialnewflyfisher and @temagamioutfittingco fishing for Brook Trout. . . . #temagami #fishing #naturephotography

Super excited to fly out and meet up with @theofficialnewflyfisher and @temagamioutfittingco and fish for Brook Trout on the Lady Evelyn River in Temagami! . . . #temagami #fishing #floatplane

”I Love Your Fucking Name” is screening tonight at 6:10 PM at FIN: The Atlantic International Film Festival, in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia! I unfortunately won’t be attending, but if you’re there, and you’re reading this, please send pics and stories! . . .   #finfilmfest #shortfilm  #documentary #ILYFN

I’ve grown deeply fond of a place in North Ontario, and I wrote about it for the Watermark Project. Please see the link in my bio to read it, and if you feel inspired, please contribute your Watermark story to this wonderful archive. . . . // The Watermark Project is a community effort to collect and archive true stories about the ways people interact with water. Started by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper in 2015, the Watermark Project aims to collect one story from every Canadian household. What is a Watermark? A Watermark is a true story about you and a body of water. Whatever your story may be, your Watermark connects you to a shared water heritage. A Watermark describes a memory of time spent near water or the way a body of water has shaped your life. Whether spoken, written, filmed, or illustrated, every Watermark has the same four characteristics: * A person * A waterbody * A specific time (date, era) * A description or narrative explaining that waterbody affected that person during that moment or time of life. Watermarks are filed in the archive. They create a living record of our powerful connection. When you archive your Watermark, you help protect your water heritage. . . . #LOWaterkeeper #swimdrinkfish #mywatermark

The pride of Brampton, Ontario, NHL phenom @tseguin92 for @adidasca. Check-out the new #ZNE Fast Release Hoodie at . . . #HereToCreate #adidashockey #adidas

Good times shooting with @tessavirtue17 for @adidasca! Check-out the new #ZNE Fast Release Hoodie at . . . #adidaswomen #HereToCreate #adidas

Beautiful light here in Prince Edward County ️. . . . #ontario #pec #yourstodiscover

Quick stop at the Herb Brooks Arena while in Lake Placid. Incredibly, I had the place to myself, and the arena entertainment system was playing Al Michael’s “Do you believe in miracles?” call while I was shooting (turn up your volume for the video to hear it). Goosebumps. . . . #miracleonice  #usahockey #lakeplacid